Coffins and Caskets of the Finest Quality Available in Belfast, County Antrim

Selecting from a range of high-grade coffins and caskets helps with the bereavement process. At Willowfield Private Funeral Home in Belfast, County Antrim, we provide a variety of options from the simplest to other more intricate choices to suit individual preference.

Coffin Selection

Including an ashes casket collection, we also provide quality monumental masonry so you can plan funerals down to the very last detail. You can find a selection of our coffins and caskets below.

The Balmoral

This involves an oak veneer coffin with plain sides, 6 brass-coloured fixed mounts, and a high-raised lid. It is also finished with a high-gloss polish and single-layered silk drapery.

The Willow

Select a beautifully hand-woven wicker coffin with 6 pineapple fibre rope handles. This choice is environmentally friendly and fitted with a natural cotton lining.

The Inler

The Inler is a veneer wooden coffin with an oak finish and pressed panel sides, 

6 brass colour swing-bar mounts, and a high-raised lid. Finished with a 

high-gloss polish and satin-puffed drapery, this is a beautiful choice.

The Last Supper

This is a dark-stained veneer wooden coffin with a lacquer finish and elaborately designed Last Supper panels fitted on each side, 4 brass colour swing-bar mounts, and a high-raised lid. It is finished with a high-gloss polish and satin-puffed drapery.

The Monarch

A solid African lime oak coffin, The Monarch is polished to a high standard with a triple-raised lid, gold-beaded satin-over-edge drapery, and solid brass mounts.

The Royale Range

This range involves a selection of American style caskets made from bronze, copper, stainless steel, and steel, which are available in a variety of grades, gauges, styles, and finishes. Bronze and copper are among the most durable and beautiful of metals as both naturally do not rust.

Hardwood Caskets

Our hardwood caskets are a selection of high-quality American-style caskets made from the finest mahogany, cherry, oak, and poplar.

Custom Coffins

Design your own coffin with the help of Willowfield Private Funeral Home. We offer unique, personal coffin designs that celebrate the life of a special person. All of our designs are carefully applied by hand and created with environmentally friendly materials suitable for both burial and cremation.

Contact: Elaine or Michael at Willowfield Private Funeral Home where you will receive a personal, caring, professional service.