Advice on Golden Charter Funeral Plans from Belfast, County Antrim

There comes a stage in all of our lives when it is natural to think about when we’re not here. Although we wonder about what to leave our loved ones, we also think about things that we don’t want to leave them. These include the burden of high funeral costs and the worry of deciding the arrangements. At Willowfield Private Funeral Home in Belfast, County Antrim, we offer suitable advice and guidance on a range of funeral plans and packages.


When you have concerns about leaving your loved ones with the weight of funeral costs, our Golden Charter pre-paid funeral plans bring you complete peace of mind. With these funeral plans, we make sure that your loved ones are spared of the difficulty of organising a funeral. You will have confirmed every detail in advance and also have taken care of the costs.

A Guarantee That Covers All Our Services

No matter how much our services may rise in cost in years to come, neither you nor your family will be asked to pay a penny more for them. You can rest assured that your loved ones will be spared of any financial worry. 

There are some costs that we are obliged to pay on your behalf. Known as ‘disbursements’, these include the charges of cemeteries and crematoria as well as doctors’ fees for completion of:

  • Cremation Certificates
  • Fees for Clergy or Other Service Officiants
  • Costs of Newspaper Notices and Floral Tributes 
  • The cost of this expenditure is obviously beyond our control and may require a further payment at the time of need.


Contact us in Belfast, County Antrim, to find out more about various funeral plans and packages.