Make Plans for Funeral Arrangements at Our Funeral Home in Belfast, County Antrim

Organise suitable funeral arrangements with Willowfield Private Funeral Home. Situated in Belfast, County Antrim, we offer a more traditional funeral service by providing a horse-drawn hearse. This involves a hearse drawn by a pair of 4 Friesian - previously known as ‘Belgian black’ - horses that are beautifully presented with leather harnesses and black plumes. No matter your preference, our funeral home is here to assist you.

Symbolic White Dove

There is no easy way to say goodbye to a loved one, and sometimes, words just aren't enough. However, some comfort can be found in the symbolic gesture of releasing our loved one’s spirit and watching it fly on the wings of a dove. Free, at peace, and carrying all the love of family and friends. 

Willowfield Private Funeral Home releases 5 complementary white doves at all our graveside burials.

Funeral Services

As a dependable funeral home, we also provide a simple funeral service for £1,790 plus third party costs. When you would prefer to choose a simpler option, your family will still receive outstanding care and support. Please note that terms and conditions apply.

Get in touch with us today for further information on our range of funeral services as well as Golden Charter funeral plans and choices for 30+.

Contact:  Elaine or Michael at Willowfield Private Funeral Home where you will receive a personal, caring professional service.