Practised Monumental Masons Who Create Beautiful Headstones and Surrounds in Belfast, County Antrim

We understand the importance of choosing the right memorial. It is a lasting reminder of a loved one and a unique reflection of their personality as well as a way of commemorating their life. Based in Belfast, County Antrim, our monumental masons only work with the finest natural granite to create headstones of the highest standard.

Here to Help You

Supplying a small, quality selection of monumental masonry, we strive to fulfil your individual requirements should you have something else in mind.

Headstone Range

Prices for our headstones range from only £695. This price includes:

  • Surname
  • First 50 Letters
  • Flower Container
  • Erection in Any Cemetery

As part of our ongoing desire to help you, we also offer 0% interest-free credit on all our headstones from as little as £57.92 per month with no credit check and guaranteed acceptance. Along with a fine selection of coffins, we also provide:

  • Standard Surrounds
  • Markers 
  • Tree Surrounds

Contact our monumental masons in Belfast, County Antrim, for a variety of different headstones to suit your requirements.